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Personal injury Investigations

Personal Injury

Complete Investigations for Personal Injury Victims

Victims of personal injury often face hospitalization, high medical bills, lost wages and years of pain and painful memories.  The consequences of accidents can be devastating to innocent victims and their families. 

Melendez & Associates Investigations has had remarkable success assisting attorney clients with various types of personal injury investigations such as:

  • Auto accidents and injuries
  • Premises accidents and incidents
  • Workplace accidents
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Wrongful Death
  • Dram Shop (Alcohol related)
  • Lack of security related incidents
  • Dog bites or other animal related incidents
  • Difficult to locate or serve Process Service

Our expert personal injury investigators know how to quickly find the real cause of your accident and discover exactly who is responsible for the wrongdoing you or your client has experienced. 

We will provided accident / incident scene documentation, including photographing and diagramming the entire accident scene. We will also obtain incident, police, fire, EMT and other reports, as well as locate and interview witnesses and obtain claimant statements and evaluations.

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, if you need more information on an investigation.