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Asset Investigations

Private investigators are often needed during divorce proceedings to check on whether or not the opposing party has been truthful in listing financial assets. Melendez & Associates Investigations has handled many asset investigations for parties in the process of divorce, in which we have located property or other assets that our client did not know about. Clearly, these kinds of investigations can have a significant impact on any settlements.
Changes in circumstances could also warrant a change in child support calculations. For instance, when a spouse gets a promotion or loses their job, Melendez & Associates Investigations can help you obtain the evidence you need to show that your spouse may not have disclosed all of their income or assets. All asset investigations comply with The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.

Child Custody Investigations and Background Investigations

We also routinely help with other areas of family law besides divorce proceedings. Melendez & Associates Investigations knows that child custody and visitation investigations are usually the most crucial issue in a divorce or custody dispute. In determining the custody of a minor, most courts are usually guided by one standard – the best interest of the child. If it is not in the best interest of your child to be in the custody or visitation of the other guardian, we will find the evidence during the course of our child custody and visitation investigation to provide you with proof for your hearing. In custody cases, for example, we have been asked to do extensive background investigations on a parent to help our client and the court determine whether or not custody should be held jointly or by a single parent. Regarding child support, we have often located parents who have moved and/or stopped paying child support, enabling our clients to collect back payments.

Child Visitation Investigations

Melendez & Associates Investigations understands that when one spouse keeps you from visiting your children during your court appointed time it can be heartbreaking. When one spouse keeps you from your children to punish you or to make you do something that you will later regret, we understand. We can help you document this activity and discover what your spouse is actually doing with your children. Discover the truth; let us help you get the evidence that you need.

Another area of family law where an investigator may be helpful is when there is harassment, stalking or potential violence in an intimate relationship. Although it is important to contact law enforcement in these cases, we can often assist the police by locating and monitoring the perpetrator, when law enforcement does not have the resources to do so.

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