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Background investigations

background investigations

An effective method for conducting a background or due diligence investigation involves a combination of thorough research, verification of information, and obtaining interviews when necessary. Here are the key steps typically involved in such an investigation:

Criminal Background Check: We start by searching county courthouse records in the states where the subject has resided over the past 7-10 years. It's important to check for any criminal history, including aliases and maiden names.

Credit Check (if applicable): If the applicant will have access to money, financial, or confidential records, we will need the subject's consent to check their credit history to comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. This step helps assess financial responsibility and integrity.

Education and Employment Verification: Melendez & Associates will verify the subject's educational degrees and qualifications by contacting the educational institutions directly. Similarly, we will confirm employment history and performance by contacting past employers or references. This step can uncover discrepancies or provide valuable insights into the person's character and past performance.

Database Research: We utilize various databases, including public records, to gather additional information about the subject. This can include property records, professional licenses, court records, and more. While database information is helpful, the data collected needs to be cross-reference whenever possible.

Interviews and Fieldwork: Depending on the nature and importance of the investigation, we will conduct interviews with relevant individuals, who can provide valuable insights. This may involve knocking on doors, making phone calls, or arranging face-to-face meetings with associates, colleagues, or acquaintances who can provide relevant information about the subject.

Melendez & Associates can gather accurate, current, and concise information about an individual, allowing a client make informed decisions regarding employment, partnerships, or legal actions.

It's important to note that each investigation is unique, and the specific approach may vary based on the circumstances and requirements of the case.

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