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Personal Injury
-Accident / incident scene investigation and documentation
-Incident, police and other reports
-Witness locating and interviewing
-Medical malpractice
-Difficult to locate or serve Process Service

Family Law / Probate
-Child custody / visitation and related issues
-Pre-marital verification
-Background investigations
-Missing persons / Locating heirs
-Spousal infidelity
-Financial asset investigations

Criminal Defense
-Investigative review of the discovery file, police reports, victim/witness        

  statements, crime scene examinations, lab reports
-Initial defendant interviews
-Crime scene examination and photography
-Victim, witness and defendant background investigations
-Witness location, interviews, statements
-Report of investigation and testifying

Corporate Investigations
-Due Diligence
-Workplace discrimination

-Executive Protection
-Employee Dishonesty
-Criminal Background Checks
-Drug Use
-Financial asset investigations
-Intellectual Property Infringement

-Wage and Hour Disputes
-Anti-counterfeiting investigations

private investigations

Melendez & Associates, Investigations



We serve a wide range of clientele, and every client relationship is valued greatly. Each case benefits from the depth and breadth of our expertise.

Experience You Can Trust

Melendez & Associates Investigations is a highly reputable and experienced investigative agency based in Bellevue, WA. With a focus on both civil and criminal investigations, we offer comprehensive services to individuals, law firms, and sole practitioner attorneys not only in the United States but also internationally.

Our team of skilled investigators brings a wealth of deductive reasoning, business acumen, and exceptional communication skills to every assignment we undertake. We understand the importance of a well-rounded perspective in investigations, and we are committed to providing our clients with accurate and insightful information to support their legal cases.

Whether you require assistance in gathering evidence, conducting interviews, performing background checks, locating missing persons, or any other investigative task, we have the expertise to handle it effectively. Our investigators are well-versed in the latest investigative techniques, technologies, and legal protocols to ensure that our services meet the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.

At Melendez & Associates Investigations, we prioritize confidentiality, attention to detail, and delivering timely results. We understand the sensitive nature of legal matters and the impact they can have on our clients' lives and cases. You can trust us to handle your investigation with the utmost discretion and diligence.

Contact us today to discuss your specific investigative needs, and let us provide you with the comprehensive and reliable services you require to achieve your legal objectives.